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How to Get Travel Leads for Sale?
Article updated on 17 Aug 2018

How to Get Travel Leads

Today I am going to share most important article for travel business. Every travel businesses need genuine leads to run business which is not easy at all. In the current time travel market is very tough and full fill by thousands of good competitors, therefore it’s very hard to get genuine leads but still it’s not impossible.


70% travel business has own website and online visibility which is good for online business but it’s not actually enough. And 30% users direct deal with big travel agencies to get business. Also they do the one simple process which is currently going on in the travel market. That called “buy travel leads ".


If you search “how to get travel leads, how to generate travel leads, travel leads for free ", you will get lots of sites who offering travel leads by paying amount to that website. But question is that, will those leads genuine? Will those leads worth for my business? All those shit questions wondering in your mind, so let me tell you clearly, few sites actually work and lots of sites provide fake leads.

Note: I am not saying that travel leads portals don't work, they work but not all. If you register yourself on those travel portals, you may but make sure read all terms and conditions before proceeding. One of travel lead agent said, actually they also does not know what is worth for leads, they just ready to sell, final hard work is to get convinced to that user. So if you don’t like it, don’t go for it.


Here is top two ways to generate real travel leads:

  • Build a Strong SEO Foundation

  • Increase Brand Visibility Online

how to get travel leads, travel leads for sale

Build a Strong SEO Foundation -


Everyone know how search engine optimization important for online business! So I am going to share right way which works 100% if you go in the same way.

After completing SEO in 80+ travel websites, I share this process to everyone. From 1 to 80 sites, i have stand thousands of top keywords in search engine result first page. In short i want to say, SEO is the only possible way to help you to get real leads from your targeted countries.

I know that you will think, already done SEO and spent thousands of money on it but no result found. According to fact and experts, if your site runs with step by step SEO process, so you will get success surely. It seems either you made wrong process or not actually done SEO with site. Because SEO is not just a word that can say anyone that i has done SEO in my site and no result i got till now. Those all are seriously shit, because right SEO will give you ton of leads which not buying from any company nor refer by any person. That earned by SEO method only.

Through SEO method, you can target any keywords in any selected location which actually get traffic on your site and it convert into leads. Those categories needs top keyword and fresh content attention if they do SEO, like: travel sites, car rental sites, hotel sites and tour operator sites.

Increase Brand Visibility Online -


Although keep always visible in internet, it’s good but you will have to follow all those steps to reach peoples. If you are running SEO in site, while doing you can start improving your online visibility also which will help you to reach thousands of interested people. SEO method only will help your site with keywords and content optimization but not with online visibility.

When user search anything, it’s not necessary that every keyword you can get top in Google search engine result. In that case you may start register your business with different free portals which will not only give you online visibility also help you to get indirect traffic from search engines. Also update your social channels with latest post/ photo, share your packages and ideas with Facebook, instagram and others.

Your online portfolio should be strong when users search any keywords, your business also may get top result on search engines. Lots of free listing and directories sites are available which will help you to list your business.


Here are top free travel forum sites.

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