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5 Ways to Get Real Instagram Followers

Want to get real and more instagram followers? Want to get more engagement with target audiences? Today i will explain you how can you get more targeted followers for your instagram profile or page. This is all based on strategic process which can help you to get more followers. Instagram is became 2nd largest social media channel in Asia which can help you to boost your products and brand as well. Getting followers on Instagram, it’s very easy method. You'll just need to follow all the methods.


Here is 5 easy ways to get more real followers.

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how to increase instagram followers

1. Choose the Right Instagram Content


Generally we only do copy paste but this method never works because neither you understand what your audiences want from you nor you think about it. So first step is to understand what your customers want, according to that you will have to write content that suits your brand and business as well. Because this method will help you to reach in front of your audiences.


Most of big brand always use few but catchy words in descriptions that actually help to get traffics. Once you satisfied with your content, draw and find suitable image for that particular post. Because at first level user will see the image, than they start reading descriptions. So your images should be catchy that actually represent your business and brand motive.

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2. Add Popular and Trending Hashtag


As we all know hashtags is very important for marketing. Probably users add hashtags with contents. But choosing right hashtag for your business and brand will help you to get more targeted followers. If you do not know about popular hashtag, so you can get help from this site and also you can find those popular hashtags from instagram.


Actually hashtags work like keywords, and this is very useful and easy method to get real unlimited followers. For example : if you search #blogger keyword or hashtag on instagram search box so you will see all those accounts who also use same hashtag.

5 Ways to Get Real Instagram Followers

3. Regular Post

Want to get more real followers and engagement with audiences. You will have to upload 2 photos regularly, about once every three to four hours. However, don’t bulk posts, audiences often regard this as spam and unfollow you.


4. Embed Instagram Pop-up Plug-in on Website

This is a useful way to get more traffic and followers if you add instagram post plug-in into your website side bar. Every visitor who comes in your website page can see that particular instagram post.

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5. Like other users posts

Liking other user’s posts is one of the helpful ways to get more Instagram followers. Behind this strategic, you may get the follow back from the same person if both of you are not in the same field. This strategic only 50% work to get followers, rest 50% does not work because you may not like your competitor’s profile. But still this method is useful and helps you to get followers.

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Want to get real and more instagram followers?
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