Long Tail keywords
Article updated on 18 Dec 2017

What are long tail keywords?

If you are not familiar with long tail keywords then this article will help you to know about long tail keywords? Long tail keywords are the phrase of four or five words that searches by those people who exact know what they are looking for. Long tail keywords are more specific and clear for search engines; it’s very important part of SEO. Often people who search any specific things on search engine rather than short keywords, long keywords work better because search engine shows only fewer results by using long keywords.

If you work on SEO and keywords, you may notice that short keywords need more attention on search engines rather then long keywords. Short tail keywords is less than two-three words that very hard to find because search engine takes longer time and shows much more results. Also long tail keywords more targeted and specific than short tail keywords. Long tail keywords are faster to be rank on search engines.

Example of short keywords: Facebook marketing

Example of long tail keywords: top Facebook marketing in jaipur

Best online tools to find long tail keywords:

Many free tools can help you to find long tail keywords but I will share best free tool that work actually. Money is not a priority always, sometime best things around you and that could be free. Google keyword tool is one of them and its help lots of people to find best keywords; they can get best reference from the Google keyword tool. Google keyword tool make your work easy by suggesting related keywords and target keywords. Google search engine is the auto suggests services that automatically suggest when you start typing any keywords into the search box.


Finding long tail keywords was not easy way ever; Semrush helps seo masters and beginners who find keywords according to their searches and needs. One of the best tools used by users. If you are looking for best tools for keyword finder then semrush is your last and first stop.


KW Finder is best tool for finding keywords; it helps with lots of ways. According to Google it is showing us on first page. Here is a look of example:


Ubersuggest is another free tool for long tail keywords; this tool has a variety of features that can help you better.

Long Tail Pro:

Long Tail Pro is another paid tools for long tail keywords, it is giving so many features that actually works better. Some of the point when people irritate with other tools, that time long tail pro make you happy by giving comfortable service.

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long tail keywords tool, how to use long tail keywords, long tail keywords definition
long tail keywords tool, how to use long tail keywords, long tail keywords definition, long tail keyword generator

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