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How to Improve Alexa Ranking
Article updated on 19 April 2016

How to Improve Alexa Ranking

What is alexa and how does it work for website ranking?

Alexa is a part of amazon that maintain ranking of world wide website according to their performance and other elements. Alexa collects traffic data on a daily basis from millions of users who have installed the Alexa toolbar and other sources. Actually alexa collect different data (Content, Submission Data, Backlinks, Guest Post and Search Engine Links) from each websites according to their work quality.


If you are running an official website / blog, good ranking matter a lot. Increase Alexa Rank depends on various causes but according to my experience I noticed certain things happening with Alexa ranking. If you are new in alexa and want to get better alexa entry within a month, certain things you have to follow. These tips will effective for both fresher and experience users.

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1) Write Quality Content

As you know the content is the main part of any website and blog. If your content get fresh and unique, alexa will improve your ranking. Actually alexa always find non duplicate content, if it is original content on your website / blog, it will impact on search engine traffic also it will increasing the alexa ranking. Therefore write a good content that is also good for alexa ranking.




2) Verify your Website on

If you want to get free access of alexa services so you will have to verify your website / blog on alexa which will give you certain free things according to alexa terms and conditions. Verify your site with two ways, first you can get login with Facebook sign in and second you will have to buy premium subscription for week. The benefit to get alexa verification is to trust by



3) Install Alexa Toolbar

The best way to improve your Alexa ranking to install alexa toolbar on your browser because all your visits to your website will be reflects in your rank. It includes pop blocker, search engine entry box, a link to amazon website and information about current Alexa ranking. There is a link to download alexa toolbar: Alexa Toolbar



4) Article Posting

Article posting is another good way to get better alexa ranking. If you write a quality article then publish it with related image, fresh content and website / blog link. How to find article posting website. It will also impact on search engine traffic but there is a one condition while posting article in other website. The website should be good alexa ranking where you will publish the article.

Example: If you have a good content related to “Developer ", Microsoft forum is the good platform to publish it because Microsoft website has excellent alexa ranking so publish your content on good quality website only.



5) Active Social Networking

There is a smarter way to get alexa ranking, can improve alexa ranking by doing activity on social media channels. It will help you to bring more visitors on website / blog. If visitors come on your platform then definitely alexa ranking will be improved.



6) Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is the easy method to get alexa ranking. Blog commenting is widely used by the webmasters to increase search engine rankings. In fact most of the new bloggers and affiliate marketers today are exploiting the benefits of blog commenting to get higher values in search engine and also to get referral traffic from these different blog sites. Here is the 130+ Free High PR Do follow Blog Commenting Sites List.



7) Create Quality Backlinks

If you are a fresher, then it’s very important to know about backlinks and how does it work? Because backlink is the only way to get higher alexa ranking but you will have to give your good time to build good quality backlinks for your website / blog. The quality of links is far more important than the quantity because quantity does not matter to strong SEO ranking rather than concentrate to build quality of links. Here is 200+ Site list to create high PR backlinks

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How to improve alexa ranking, alexa ranking tips, how to improve alexa ranking in india
How to improve alexa ranking, alexa ranking tips, how to improve alexa ranking in india, how to improve amazon alexa

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