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Backlinks is what?

Know about backlinks depth

Backlink is a source link of one website/blog gets from another website/blog. Backlinks make a high influence on a website’s performance in search engine results. This is the acceptable reason they are making backlinks for renovate a website’s SEO ranking. Search engines itemize rankings using multiple causes to showcase search resultsActually no one knows how much time it takes to get 

high and strong search engine result by adding more workable backlinks. However we make more and better source backlinks rather than creating one backlinks for one page. Hence specialist always recommend to create own single backlink for every page or articles, after than share with all social networks that would work instantly to get strong SEO ranking.

There should be something organic and quality to create backlinks. Backlinks should be natural; this means that a website not look like an imitate and artificial to build backlinks for their own websites. The quality of links is far more important than the quantity because quantity does not matter to strong SEO ranking rather than concentrate to build quality of links.

                                                          Backlink is a source

                                                          link of one

                                                          website/blog gets

                                                          from another


                                                          Backlinks make a

                                                          high impact on a website’s performance in search engine results.The quality of links is far more important than the quantity because quantity does not matter to strong SEO ranking rather than concentrate to build quality of links.                                                    READ MORE >

Know about SEO strength

                                                       Search Engine

                                                       Optimization (SEO) is 

                                                       a specialized research-

                                                       driven process of

                                                       analyzing and editing

                                                       your web site in order

                                                       to increase the

                                                       rankings of your
site pages for specific search terms in search engines

.SEO is one of the few marketing strategies where your targeted audiences are actively engaged in the process of seeking information about organizations just like yours.   

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Know about Email Marketing

                                                     Get the word out about

                                                     all the amazing things

                                                     you’re doing. Easily

                                                     email your contacts or

                                                     share on social media

                                                     to tell everyone you

                                                     know. SNK email marketing is the easiest email marketing solution for small businesses. We make it simple for everyone to create, send and share beautiful newsletters, invitations, sale promotions and product updates that look great across all devices.

Know about site submission

                                                        It is important

                                                        to submit your site's 

                                                        pages to all of the                                                               major search engines (                                                       Google, Yahoo!, Bing)                                                         because even though                                                         the other engines have less traffic than Google, they still have millions of users.Put your site free of cost on free site submission.


Internet Marketing Service

Internet marketing service offer to our customers wide range of services include website traffic, Business visibility, Achiever higher search engine rankings, Social media optimization and Boosting service

How to build your SMO?

Example: There is a website called 1 that is a Hotel and having a backlinks from website 2 which is a hotel review Blog page. This is an organic, valuable and relevant backlinks that website 1 has received.

Lack of knowledge, there is lots of bad response by website owners to gain backlinks. Due to the importance of backlinks, a Website owner does few mistakes to create useful backlinks some of these bad mistakes are: purchasing backlinks, link exchange networks, selling backlinks, etc. Most of these tricks are not recommended by search engines and it’s not worth for website. They usually do follow, DE index and penalize websites suspected of involvement in such practices.

Did you know about type of backlinks?

Today I am going to share what is backlinks and how does it works with this simple step.

Follow me here with this article: www.snkcreation.com/ How to create High Quality Backlinks by Kishanu Karmakar

There are two types of backlinks basically:-

  1. Dofollow backlinks

  2. Nofollow backlinks



What is the Do follow backlinks?

Do follow backlinks are the permanent backlinks which is posted on articles directories and post submission sites that work on web 2.0 sites.

What is the No- Do follow backlinks?

No- Do follow backlinks are include social book marking sites and social sites comments.


How to create high quality backlinks with simple method?

Helpful Strategies to Gain Backlinks

  • Submit Site URL to Directories: Directories are like online libraries for websites. They are themselves websites that categorize and list other websites, based on many factors depending on the directory. Getting listed in a directory can boost your site's visibility with a valuable backlink. Keep in mind that smaller, niche-based directories can be powerful. For instance, if your business is an art gallery, try searching the web for art-based directories. If your site has a physical location, it is highly recommended that you submit your site to local directories. Make sure to submit to directories that are relevant to your site's purpose.


  • Social Networking: Getting involved in an online community related to your niche can lead to many link-building opportunities. Blogs, forums and social media sites are full of people interested in the same topics as you, looking to connect and form business relationships. Join as many of these groups as you can, and make you known as someone offering value to the community. Guest blogging and affiliate marketing are two great ways to gain back-links to your Website.

How to create high quality backlinks with simple method?

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Social Media Optimization makes your online business appear more personal to current and potential customers.

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