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How to target country website traffic?

Today I am picking up very important topic for website traffic. Website traffic is a necessary object to get good rank for your website / blog. So many ways to get website traffic but very hard to gain country specific website traffic. You can get specific country traffic by using Google AdSense, social media promotion and seo but that does all depend on money. If you want traffic from countries such as the U.S. and the U.K. There is several easiest ways to get specific country audiences.

In this article, I will share some easy methods that are likely to help you improve the traffic from your specific country.

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  • Correct Domain Name

Your domain name should capable for search engine ranking and as well as for online reputation. Choose a correct domain name is very essential part to get specific country traffic. standard domain extensions like .com and .org usually rank higher on global search engines but if you want specific country traffic then choosing a country specific domain is very good idea. For example if you want traffic from U.K. then buy extension domain for the higher results.


  • Google Webmaster Tool Geo-Targeting

As you all know about Google webmaster tools and his benefits. The tool is very helpful for country specific traffic. Google webmaster tools provide geographic target tool which allow you to set your targeted country and this method will help you to get country specific audiences.

  • Web Hosting Server Location


Website hosting server location is very sensitive object for Geo-targeting. For example if your target country is India so you will have to take India based hosting server to get traffic. Because the website hosting server location plays very important role to get country specific traffic.


  • Country Specific Keywords


As you all know what is keywords and how important for website traffic. To get country specific traffic, you will have to choose targeted country specific keywords also that relate to your website category. For example, the keyword “yellow taxi rental” is very important for U.K. but not for other country. For that you will have to find specific country keywords. Once you find specific keywords, you can make your own strategic for country specific traffic.


  • Backlinks


By using backlink method, you can get specific country traffic. Backlinks play very important role for website traffics, as many of bloggers using backlink method to get higher rank on search engine. The very easy way to get country specific traffic, you will have to make backlinks on the particular country websites. For example: if you want traffic from U.S.A., so you will have to make backlinks on U.S.A. based website.


You can use blog commenting and guest posting for increasing the traffic from targeted country. Both methods are safe and proven if use full methods.


  • Content Based Target


Your website / blog content are more essential for seo and target based traffic. If your site content based on country specific words and keywords, it will auto help you to get traffic from targeted country. For example: if you are target any country for website traffic by using your global .com and .org domain extension, you will have to add the targeted country’s name in your posts’ meta titles and descriptions. This method will give clear signal that you are targeting specific country.


Besides, language based content will also help you to get specific country traffic. For example: if you are using Indian language on the article then it may get difficult for you to target other country traffic.


  • Submit Website to Local Search Engines & Directories


If you want country specific traffic, you will have to submit your website / blog on local search engines and local directories. This method is proven and also helps you to get backlinks from targeted country.


Note: Few website need targeted country phone no and address for verifying so it may get difficult to submit your site.

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