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How to index a Website in Google
Article updated on 3 Jan 2018

What is Google indexing?

If you have any new website and blog for your business, then first thing you want to do that people find your site and for that you will have to add your site on Google for crawl. Getting your new website and blog recognized by the Google search engines on the Internet, you will have to index your website / blog on Google search engine. So in this article i am sharing each point for indexing site on Google

What is Google bot?

Googlebot is search bot technology which fetches contents from the web to make a searchable index for Google. By indexing your site on Googlebot, it’s collecting all webpages all over the World Wide Web and adding them to the Google Indexer. So how does the Googlebot find new contents on the web such as new websites, blogs, pages etc.?

how to index a website and blog in google

So how can you get your new website and blog searchable by the Googlebot? Here are the some advance tips:



Create a Sitemap - The first step you will have to create sitemap.  Sitemap is a XML file on your site server that basically collects each site pages. After creating and adding sitemap file on Google bot, it will help your site to find quickly on web.

There is free online tools for generate sitemap XML file for your site, I can recommend this free tool.


Submit URL to Google Webmaster Tools - After creating a sitemap file for your site, next step you will have to submit your site URL to Google webmaster tools. For that you need a Google account to add site on Google webmaster tools. Open Google webmaster tools by log in Google account and add your site / property. After adding your site URL, you will have to verify your site ownership by using the following method. Once you done with verification, Google will start crawl your site URL.

submit to index
google indexing tool
website index page
submit url to search engines
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google index checker
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Add Google Analytics Code - Next important step is to create a Google analytics code by log in Google account. This code only for tracking purpose which might help you to find something new with your site. You can check keywords, links and optimize the site by using Google analytics code.


Add Sitemap to Google webmaster Tools - After verify the site ownership and adding Google analytics code, you will have to add sitemap file on webmaster tools. Open Google webmaster tools then follow the step to add sitemap. Webmaster tools > crawl > sitemaps > Add / text sitemap. This will help your site pages for indexing quickly.

google crawler tool
how to add sitemap to google webmaster tos
submit url to search engines
how to index a website in google

Submit site URL to Google search engine - There is another simple process to submit your site page URL to Google search engine. By using Google account, open submit URL and submit new URL.


Use bookmarking sites - As i said after indexing site on Google, it’s necessary to add your site links to other social bookmarking sites. Use social bookmarking sites for increasing traffics. While these links are Nofollow, they will help to gain site traffics.

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