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Free Backlinks Checker Tools
Article updated on 19 Mar 2018

5 Free Backlinks Checker Tools

If you are looking for free / paid backlinks checker tools, it means you aware of backlinks. Still want to know what is backlinks? And how does it work? Please read our article. So before starting this article I would share few important points about backlinks which will help you to understand the strategic. Backlinks is very important part of SEO as well as SERP that expert called success Technics if you give proper attention on it. Let’s start this article.

Free Backlinks Checker Tools, 5 Top Free Backlink Checker

Why we need backlinks checker tools?

In simple words when any website user add own site link to other website page that called backlinks. It’s very important method to get high ranking on search engine, it will help website to get organic traffic from other website. Day by day it is getting hard to find high PR backlinks sites. Basically backlinks divide into two important parts Nofollow Backlinks and Dofollow Backlinks.

  • To know about competitors backlinks

  • Which sites are linking to your site

  • Check backlinks status either dofollow or Nofollow ( it will help you to find target traffic )

  • Which category backlinks established by competitors site

List of Free Backlink Checker Tools


SEMRush is one of the most famous SEO tools that allow user to everything about domain, link and site and day by day SEMRush is adding more amazing features for users. I would share that free version only provide limited info so you may purchase SEMRush for many details.

free SEO Tools, semrush backlink checker

Ahrefs is the free and paid tool in getting a backlink of a competitor site or any other site. In the free version you can check complete backlink analysis along with an anchor text analysis of your site.

best free backlink checker


OpenLinkProfiler is one of the features and free backlink checker sites that allow user to know about site backlinks details. This tools favorite SEO tool for many users because it allow you to download up to 100 links in CSV format.

backlink quality checker, Website backlink checker tools free

Open Site Explorer is quite old and famous for professionals. If you want to compare backlinks between two or many domains, this tool is worth for them.

online free backlinks checker tools
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One of the most used SEO tools by professionals as well as local SEO developers. The same feature you can see on this tool, competitor’s backlinks you may check with details. Majestic SEO is free to download and several pro package also available.

Free Backlinks Checker Tools
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