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How to Create a SEO Friendly URL
Article updated on 6 Mar 2018

SEO Friendly URL Structure

SEO Friendly URL is important for both, visitors and search engines. Choose a good URL for site can impact on site searches. As we know URL indicate the page location and documents on search engines. A good URL is mixer of three ingredients which help you boost your site like: readable URL, URL based on keywords, length of URL. Now i am sharing few another important details which will also help you understand about seo friendly URL structure.

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  • Readable URLs


As it understandable by heading, URL should be readable for visitors. What we are looking for on search engine, make sure that the URL is still readable by visitors. For example: you may use long phrase as a URL but as per the expert you should use shorten and specific words in URL. It shows a clear thought as to what the content is about and what to expect from it.


  • Add Relevant Keywords in URL

Keywords are important part of SEO, so adding relevant keywords in URL. It is important that you are adding one or two relevant keywords in the URL. This helps both visitors and search engines understand what they can expect at the URL.

  • Avoid Grammar in URL

While making seo friendly URL, do not use grammar word in URL. For example: this is not seo friendly URL. Right URL is This help to understand what exactly you are looking for, so URL should be short and clear.


  • Use Hyphens and Underscores

As expert says while separating words in URL, either use hyphens or underscores but we suggest to go with hyphens. This will help with the overall readability of the URL, making it easier for visitors and search engines to comprehend it.


  • Don't use much keyword in URL

As we know that adding keywords in URL is good for visitors and search engines but including too much keyword in URL that also not good for seo so avoid doing this. Adding too many keywords and your link will start to look like spam.




  • Short URL

Choosing good domain is important part of website, also URL should be shorter and clear but it should seems like logical and mean full. So keep URLs short. Short URL does not provide any additional seo performance but it would be readable for visitors.



  • Match Title and URL

Many experts say matching title and URL also help for search engines. This is also the reason that many experts recommend that the page title and URL match. The title gives an expectation and the headline confirms it.

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