Top Most 50 Popular Search Engines List in India and World
Article updated on 19 July 2018

Top 50 Search Engines in the World

Search engine is a program and script, available in the internet that searches files, images and information’s. This process allows search engines to search anything from World Wide Web while putting any keywords. If are you SEO master and related to Marketing stream so you aware of popular search engines in India. Google, Yahoo and Bing are one of the popular search engines, mostly people use those search engines for submitting and indexing website links. All search engines whether it’s famous or not, all are having one common feature that is add and index any site URL. This method helps you to find your site on search engines.

Here is the list of top 50 search engines in 2018.

- Google

- Bing

- Yandex

- Yahoo

- baidu

- Altavista

- Yippy


- Ask

- Everyclick

- DuckDuckGO

- Exactseek

- Excite

- Blackle

- Blekko

- Cathoogle

- Clusty

- Comcast

- CompuServ

- DogPile

- Ecosia

- EntireWeb

- Findelio

- GigaBlast

- GoodSearch

- Hotbot


- InfoSpace

- InterBusca

- Ixquick

- iZito

- LeMoteur

- Lycos

- Mamma

- Metacrawler

- MonsterCrawler

- MyWay

- MyWebSearch

- OrangeSearch

- PWLinks

- qksearch

- Scrub the Web

- Search

- Semager

- Shoula

- SupremeSearch

- Teoma

- Vinden

- WebCrawler

- Wow

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