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How to Increase Your Website Traffic
Article updated on 18 May 2018

4 Easy Ways to Increase Website Traffic

This article is very important for those who still struggle to get bulk traffics. As you know without traffic, website is worthless. There are several points which can help you to get traffics but still this article need your clear attention. Everyday large numbers of domain are registered but few of site admin get the success. Traffic is the only point that actually decide who get success and who get failure because every site owner and blogger make website only for getting huge traffic. If the site does not get any traffic than there is no sense to have website. Therefore this all depend on site traffic, here is 4 proven ideas that will help you to get traffic to your website free.


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how to increase your website traffic, increase website traffic fast

1. Write Article

We are having more than 10 year experience in writing article for different topics. Therefore first method is writing articles for site blog. If you write good quality article for site so need some catchy point which will enable your site to get traffic.


Create good headlines: Headline is the first point for article so your article headline should be catchy for readers.

Add keywords: While writing article, make sure title, Meta descriptions and keywords should be add on article that is very important part of page searches.

Write quality content: Write a searchable and quality content for the particular topic that reader can easily read and understand. Do not use copy paste method.

Mention example point: If your article indicates some point so try to add example images and video so reader could understand.

Shareable content: As you know shareable content always catch large number of indirect traffic. At the end of article, add all popular social media channels so reader could share with others.

Write short article: Most of blogger wrote that long articles can grab the traffic but it’s just waste of time. According to experts article should be short but every point mentioned. Don’t make your article so lengthy, try to keep short so reader could stable on site for long time. Long article can increase your site bounce rate and that is irritated for readers.

Add other post: Make sure add some of old written article on the current page; this will help you get more traffic.

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2. Add Images

If you write an article so according to your article topic, 1-2 photos should be there on article that attracts readers focus. Make sure photo should be catchy and related to article topic. Every site builder has an option to add image title and image link.

how to get traffic to your website fast

3. Write Frequent Article

You will get frequent traffic if you have a bulk article on your site. If you are new blogger so try to write 3 quality articles in a week. And make sure while writing article, add all elements which mentioned above line.

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4. Link Building Method

This is the proven method to get instant website traffic from your targeted location. This method will help your site to get some quality backlinks and traffic. According to expert, link building is the only process where you can get unlimited targeted traffic if you focus on high ranking sites to create links.

4 easy ways to increase website traffic, paid traffic to your website
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