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Instagram Algorithm 2024: Instagram is updating its recommendation algorithm to promote more small and original content creators

Instagram's new updated recommendation algorithm prioritizes original content

Instagram is making some changes to its ranking algorithm that will focus on and promote content from smaller and original creators. For aspiring creators on Instagram, the struggle for visibility is real. Often, content from established accounts with massive followers dominates the platform, leaving little room for new content to break through. But a recent shake-up in Instagram's recommendation algorithm promises to change the game, prioritizing fresh, original content and giving smaller creators a long-awaited chance to shine.

A Farewell to Algorithm Bias

Previously, the Instagram algorithm favored established accounts and content that was heavily reposted. This left small creators feeling discouraged, their creative endeavors lost in a sea of recycled content. In response to creator feedback and a desire to foster a more diverse content landscape, Instagram is implementing a series of changes aimed at giving all creators a fair shot at reaching new audiences.

The Instagram Algorithm Redefined: Prioritizing Originality and Engagement

Adam Mosseri (Instagram Head) also announced on 30 April 2024 that its recommendation system will be changed "to give all creators a fair opportunity of breaking through" using a new ranking algorithm. The core of the Instagram update revolves around a new ranking system. Instagram will showcase content from smaller creators to a targeted audience predicted to enjoy it. Based on engagement metrics, high-performing content will then be gradually exposed to a wider user base. This approach ensures original content has the potential to reach a significant audience, regardless of follower count.

Instagram Recommendation Algorithm For small and original content creators
Instagram Recommendation Algorithm For small and original content creators

Furthermore, Instagram is taking a stand against repost culture. Identical reposts will be replaced with the original content in recommendations. This prioritizes the originator's work and discourages repetitive content flooding the platform. However, the focus remains on originality – significantly altered content, like memes or parodies, won't be affected.

Transparency Through Labels: Crediting the Original Creators

To further champion originality, Instagram is introducing labels for reposted content. These labels will link users directly to the original creator, giving them proper credit and potentially directing new followers their way. Initially, creators have the option to remove the label, but Instagram hints at the possibility of making it permanent in the future.

Instagram's new updated algorithm prioritizes original content
Instagram's new updated algorithm prioritizes original content

Cracking Down on Repost Reliant Accounts

The update also targets accounts solely dedicated to reposting others' content. These "aggregator accounts" will be excluded from recommendations, ensuring genuine creators have a better chance of being discovered. However, users who specifically follow such accounts won't be impacted – they'll still see the content they opted for.

A New Dawn for Diverse Content Creation

Instagram's revamped recommendation algorithm marks a significant step towards a more equitable platform. By prioritizing originality and giving smaller creators a fighting chance, the update encourages a more diverse and engaging content landscape. This shift empowers new voices, fosters creativity, and ultimately benefits users who crave fresh content experiences.

Ready to Embrace the New Instagram Recommendation Algorithm Landscape?

For creators, this Instagram update presents a golden opportunity. Focus on crafting original, high-quality content that resonates with your target audience. Engage with your followers, participate in relevant communities, and utilize targeted hashtags strategically to increase discoverability. By embracing these strategies, you can leverage the new Instagram algorithm to propel your content creation journey forward and build a thriving presence on Instagram.


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