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What is an Instagram Shadowban? How to Remove Shadow Ban on Instagram

Instagram Shadowban: Know Everything About It

Growing up on Instagram with hard work and content effort is no less than a challenge. In such a situation, if you come to know that new audience and followers are not increasing on your Instagram page, and instead the number of engagement and traffic is continuously decreasing? How Would You Feel?

We understand that you are not going to feel great. But the truth is, often such problems are seen on Instagram pages. And this is called Instagram Shadowban. Because of this, your Instagram profile comes under penalty, and your page's engagement drops.

Let us know what is this Instagram shadowban and how to remove shadowban on Instagram. Does Instagram really have a shadowban? You will get everyone's answers later.

What Is An Instagram Shadowban?

Instagram Shadowban is something you've no doubt heard about if you're an Instagram user. A sudden drop in engagement on Instagram and followers, nor your content reaching any type of new audience, has often happened to many of us. Actually, you can call it Instagram Shadowban. In other words penalty!

When a user's posts or profiles are not visible in the hashtag feed and search results of Instagram, this is known as an Instagram Shadowban. Instagram shadowbanning essentially hides a user's content from a wider audience, making it difficult for them to gain new followers or reach new audiences. In such a situation, how can Instagram Shadowban be removed, its solution starts to be found.

What Are The Reasons Behind Instagram Shadowban?

The exact reason for an Instagram shadowban isn't always clear, but it can happen when a user violates Instagram's Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. This includes using banned hashtags and engaging in spammy behavior. If you use any third-party applications, use bots to automate engagement, and exceed usage limits for any feature.

How To Check If Your Instagram Is Shadowbanned?

If you are doing well on Instagram. Good views and likes are coming on all reel videos. And suddenly the engagement percentage seems to be falling and the followers are also not increasing, then it is a sign that your profile is shadowbanned.

The traffic drop can also be due to the change of algorithm, due to which your content is not working according to the algorithm. But it is possible to happen sometimes. If the traffic started increasing, suddenly started falling, and continues to fall, then it can be considered as an Instagram shadowban and penalty.

How To Remove ShadowBan on Instagram

If you think that your Instagram page has been shadowbanned. And even after creating the unique content and reels, no engagement is increasing under penalty. The process of shadowban on Instagram is also for a limited period, in which Instagram shadowban is removed in a few weeks. If even after the month passes, the shadowban does not go away, then follow the tips for the same. Removing Shadowban on Instagram can be challenging, but there are a few steps you can take to regain visibility:

1) Contact Instagram

If you are not aware of Instagram's policy and guidelines and you may have violated them. On the presence of shadowban on an Instagram page, first of all, you should contact the support team on Instagram and request them so that they can remove shadowban from your page.

2) Take a Break For a Few Days

Sometimes, taking a break from Instagram for a few days or weeks can help reset your account and improve your visibility. With this, you can work on new strategies and content ideas.

3) Stop Using Banned Hashtags

Make sure you are not using any hashtags that have been banned by Instagram. You can find a list of banned hashtags online and check if your hashtags go up against Instagram's terms of service.

4) Avoid Spammy Behavior

Make sure you are not using third-party apps to generate likes or comments, using bots for automated engagement, or posting the same or similar content over and over again. Most of the panels provide you such fake and spam followers and likes at a very low cost, which is against Instagram policy to use.

5) Use Relevant Hashtags

After taking a break from Instagram for a few days, post your creativity on Instagram with the right content ideas. And keeping in mind your target audience, use trending hashtags. Do not always use 30 hashtags, use only those which are relevant.

6) Connect With Followers

Focus on building genuine relationships with your followers by commenting on their posts, responding to their comments on your posts, and sharing content that resonates with your audience. With this, you can be successful in increasing engagement again.

It is important to remember that all the remedies given here work and give results but it takes time. In many cases, the user's profile is removed from Shadowban after 1 year and for some users, it gets corrected within 5-6 months. Basically, every profile has a different structure and category, and accordingly, it may take time to see improvements.

Additionally, it is important to maintain a consistent and authentic presence on Instagram, which drives engagement every day and plays a vital role in removing the shadowban.

How To Get Unshadowbanned on Instagram?

Are you experiencing an Instagram ShadowBan and struggling to get your posts and profile seen by potential followers? Here are some working 3 tips to help you get unshadowbanned on Instagram:

  • Remove problematic content: In order to avoid further penalties, delete any content that violates Instagram's community guidelines and terms of service.

  • Switch up your content: Diversify your content by posting different types of media and using different hashtags to avoid triggering a ShadowBan.

  • Post original content: Posting original content and avoiding identical or similar content repeatedly is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy Instagram account. Instagram's algorithm is designed to prioritize unique and fresh content, and repeating the same content can trigger a ShadowBan.

By following these extra 3 tips, you can increase your chances of getting unshadowbanned and continue to grow your presence on the platform. Remember, it may take time for your account to regain visibility. Don't let a ShadowBan stop you from growing your presence on Instagram!

Is there any company that can remove Instagram Shadowban?

If you've ever experienced a decrease in engagement and visibility on your Instagram account, you may have been hit with a shadowban. Instagram shadowbans can be incredibly frustrating, as they limit your reach and make it difficult to grow your following. However, the good news is that there is a company that can help you remove the shadowban and get back to growing your account.

That company is SNK Creation Media. We specialize in removing Instagram shadowbans and have helped countless businesses and creators regain their visibility and reach on the platform. Our team of experts uses a combination of proven reel strategies and cutting-edge techniques to identify the cause of the shadowban and remove it quickly and effectively.

At SNK Creation Media, we take a personalized approach to each Instagram account, as every account is unique. Our team will be happy to assist you with removing the shadowban from your Instagram account and getting you the results you desire. Please contact us today to find out more about our services.


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