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How to Increase Instagram Real Engagement - 8 Proven Tips to Boost Your Instagram Engagement

How to Increase Instagram Engagement That Can Boost a Page's Visibility Score

Heard, you want to increase real engagement on Instagram? So there is no need to go anywhere else! To build loyal customers, it is necessary to have more than a certain estimate of engagement on Instagram, but how to do this, understand through this article. It is a bit difficult to understand the algorithm of Instagram, but the one who understood it got a treasure. The higher the engagement on the Instagram page, the greater the likelihood that sales will increase on Instagram. Let us know by using which method and tips you can also increase the amount of real engagement on Instagram.

8 Simple Instagram Tips & Tactics That Increase Engagement Rates

According to a survey, the average Instagram user browses Instagram for at least 2 hours, which means that the audience on Instagram is plentiful. But how to bring these audiences to you is the biggest challenge! Industry experts say, engagement on Instagram is the result of a strategy and the right plan, following which anyone can get real engagement. If you are reading this article, then it means that you have also tried everything to increase your Instagram engagement. But did not succeed! 8 proven tips to boost your Instagram Engagement with the help of which you can increase the number of loyal customers.

8 Proven Tips to Boost Your Instagram Engagement in 2022

1) Carousel posts provide useful information

Instagram engagement is boosted by carousel posts. Up to ten images, videos, and text graphics can be shared at once through Instagram Carousels. Providing value is a result of this.

Ideally, carousels should be used to provide instructions, share interesting statistics, or tell a story. Furthermore, Carousel posts encourage saves and shares, which ultimately results in a higher Instagram engagement rate.

2) Engage your followers with Instagram Story Stickers

Engaging your followers through Instagram Stickers will allow you to build a loyal and engaged following. There are many quick and easy stickers available on stories, polls, countdowns, quizzes, and emoji sliders. It is easier for a business to generate leads with the help of Instagram Stories.

Instagram stories stickers such as the question sticker are extremely popular. Direct communication is possible with your followers. Depending on the topic, you can either ask or answer questions from your followers. In this way, you can also use these tips by asking how to increase Instagram engagement on your Instagram story.

3) Catch up with trending Reels

One of the most popular types of Instagram content is Instagram Reels, which offers short, fun, and engaging video content. The Instagram app now also has a Reels tab that lets brands and creators interact with their audience.

Plus, you don't need any special video editing skills to edit Instagram Reels because the app comes with a built-in video editor. To add more and more followers on Instagram, the Instagram reel is a better option to grow real engagement.

4) Captions should contain call-to-action (CTA)

Your caption should include a call to action to encourage engagement. You can boost Instagram engagement by including a call to action, ideally a direct question, in your captions. If you provide a genuine story followed by a pertinent question, your community is more likely to respond to your comments. Likewise, you can be as imaginative as you want with your questions.

You can also increase engagement on Instagram by driving your audience to the link in your bio. Your followers will be encouraged to read your blog, browse your product range, and subscribe to your newsletter if you use this technique.

5) Upload content when the audience active

Posting when your audience is most likely to be online is a good way to increase engagement. Your audience should be able to see and engage with your posts. For businesses, Instagram content ideas are essential. Otherwise, posting on active time won't accomplish anything if it's not interesting.

Instagram is not available to all audiences at the same time. Plan your posts when your audience is most active based on audience insights. Apart from this, you can take an Instagram management plan through which you can know your post timing.

6) Give away an exciting prize

Everybody loves free things, it's no secret. In order to increase engagement on Instagram, giveaways can be a cost-effective and productive strategy. But this is no ordinary giveaway! Giveaways need to be thoughtful, appealing to your current followers as well as your target audiences, and authentic to your brand.

By offering a free product, service, or event ticket, you'll rack up engagement, regardless of what you're giving away. For example, if your giveaway is intended to increase engagement, the entry criteria should include tagging a friend, following your brand, sharing, and commenting on the post.

7) Establish collaboration with niche Influencers

Influencers are credible sources, especially those who are creators of social media content and industry experts. In turn, when they mention you in their posts or stories, their followers know they're dealing with a reputable entity. You can also generate unique and high-quality content by partnering with influencers. In this way, today most of the big creators are increasing their engagement on Instagram, which is also considered a proven way.

8) Maintain a consistent style

Instagram users, like users of other social media platforms, can boost engagement and customer loyalty by consistently posting high-quality content.

If you use Instagram seriously and provide value regularly, people are more likely to engage with you. In order to maintain a consistent posting schedule on Instagram, plan ahead and schedule your posts in advance. Not only will such a choice double your Instagram engagement, but it will also help you to attract the right audience.


As you have read 8 Simplest Methods to Increase Instagram Engagement, which our team has worked out with thousands of clients. The success rate of this strategy is over 85% so far, and this way, you can immediately boost engagement on Instagram. It is important to remember that Instagram updates its features and algorithms from time to time so that they can be more user-friendly and transparent. However, the same method implemented over and over again is not always effective, so the strategy is a game-changer here to increase engagement. In any case, if you want to increase real engagement on Instagram, our expert team is effective and experienced in doing so.


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