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Whiteboard Animations: Key Elements to Elevate a Company’s Website

There are all kinds of elements you can feature on your company’s website. Your business needs a website since someone might visit there if they hear about your company and want more information.

You might feature original pictures and videos. Keywords are a must, and you can add some inbound and outbound links for SEO purposes.

You can also feature some additional visual elements, like whiteboard animations. We will talk about those right now. We will discuss their purpose and how they improve your website by entertaining and informing customers.

What Are Whiteboard Animations?

Whiteboard animations can be powerful and engaging, but maybe you don’t know this term. A whiteboard animation is something a graphic designer makes. It’s a video style.

The viewer sees static images. They see a hand drawing those visuals on a screen. You might see these if you visit various websites. The technique has existed for quite some time, and it’s popular in several industries or niches.

The artist who creates the whiteboard animation physically uses a whiteboard for the drawing and recording process. They might also use a whiteboard-like surface, along with pens or markers. If you encounter one of these videos or presentations, a voiceover narration usually goes along with it.

Why Do These Videos Work So Well?

Some whiteboard animations are fairly complex, but most are simple. You might see a hand drawing the characters as a voice narrates what’s happening. These informative videos usually last for a minute or two. Longer ones might not hold the watcher’s attention.

These videos usually seem cute or quaint. The simplicity attracts people. They should respond well when seeing these videos on your website.

They work well because they can explain simple or basic concepts that someone might not enjoy as much if they saw more expensive, bigger-budget animations. If you’re trying to explain some service your company offers, you don’t need some fantastic beast rendered using jaw-dropping animation as you’d see in a PlayStation 5 video game. A whiteboard animation seems charming by comparison. Maybe that’s what your company wants.

This is a Cost-Effective Style

Whiteboard animations with accompanying voiceovers can save you money. Maybe you want someone’s business who visits your website. You want a conversion from them, but you don’t have much money in your marketing budget.

Whiteboard animations let you sell your products or services in a simple, scaled-down style that showcases your professionalism. If you hire someone to create the animations and someone else to handle the voiceover work, you have some original marketing content on your website that the Google algorithm likes. Someone who sees it should also enjoy the visual element but not find it overwhelming.

You Can Get Creative this Way

Just because the whiteboard animation style doesn’t employ high-end visual effects like an Avatar movie, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with what you ask the person or company you hire to draw. They can draw humans to purchase your products or enjoy your services, but you might also ask for something different.

Maybe you want a little monster or creature to sell your products. Perhaps you want an animal mascot. You might devise several ideas and conduct focus groups with potential customers where you introduce them. The one that gets the best reaction can become your new signature salesperson.

This helps with branding. If people visit your website and see this creature, they will know it represents your company. If you keep using it in videos year after year, they’ll think of your brand every time they encounter it.

You Can Use Whiteboard Animations in Commercials as Well

You can use the whiteboard animation style if you’re running commercials in a local or national market. You can use the same creature or animal you created and feature it on TV.

These commercials won’t cost the same money to produce that you’d spend on a celebrity spokesperson. You can introduce your character, and when someone visits your website, they will see it there as well.

Whiteboard animation is a marketing tactic that won’t break the bank. It adds a fun visual element when someone visits your website or sees your commercials on TV.

When you find the right company or person who can create your whiteboard animations, you might start a long-term relationship with them that can prove lucrative for both parties for a long time to come. This technique usually gets a positive reaction from potential customers.


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