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How to Get Leads from Instagram Ads in India | How to Generate Leads with Instagram Stories

How to Get Leads from Instagram Ads in India - Generate B2B Leads with Instagram

Do you want to get leads through Instagram ads in India? Often people think that How to Get Leads from Instagram Ads in India so here are the best tips to Generate B2B Leads with Instagram Ads. Many marketing agencies and Instagram users do not know how to generate leads by Instagram ads. But the truth is, anyone can do Lead Generation with Instagram Content Marketing techniques. It is well known that Instagram is a big market where there is a potential audience, only you have to reach your target audience. About 70 - 80% of the business is available on Instagram and it is a great opportunity that you get all kinds of audiences in one place. If you also have a business on Instagram and want to Generate B2B Leads through Instagram Ads So here are some best practices. Keep in mind that Instagram is a great platform where you can collect countless business leads, some of which are medium: Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Native Ads etc...

How To Generate Leads With Instagram Stories That Help Grow Your Business

Nowadays all businesses have come on social media and everyone spends a lot of money in the hope of getting potential and real business leads. Many of you must have run ads on Instagram, but nothing has benefited from it, neither did it get leads nor there was any growth in the audience. Let us know how you can generate potential and high quality business leads through Instagram Ads. Many Instagram marketing agencies either use SEO Content Marketing Services or use Native Ads to get business leads on Instagram. That's why we have shared the best 5 effective tips here, through which you can generate leads yourself from Instagram Stories.

Interested to Get High Quality Potential Leads on Instagram by Google Native Ads - Read The Tutorial Till The End

How to Get High Quality Leads from Instagram - Here Are 5 Best Effective Way To Generate B2B Leads from Instagram:

1) Create a Lead Generation Ad Form

The first option is to use the Instagram Lead Generation form to get high quality leads. Instagram has created these ads options to generate high quality business leads, which is a little technical but equally profitable. Through which you can select any targeted audience and collect customer information through this lead generation method, such as phone number, email id, birth dates, and requirements. In this way, to create a lead generation form, first you have to go to Facebook and set up a campaign where you can select the target audience.

For this, you just need to follow these setup: Open Facebook ( The Business Page Should Be Connected With Same Instagram Page ) > Manage Ad > Create Campaign > Click on Lead Generation > Continue > Choose Your Budget and Audience > Set the Bid Amount ( Optional ) > Done.

How to Create a Lead Generation Ad Form : Generate B2B Leads with Instagram
How to Create a Lead Generation Ad Form : Generate B2B Leads with Instagram

2) Add Action Button On Instagram Page

If you are running an Instagram page, then it is important that you must add action button on page, such as: Call Now, Message, Email, Website URL. So that during the running of ads, new people can visit your profile and at that time they will see the action button, so that they can contact you directly. In the online business, the action button plays a very important role, If you do not put an action button, then it is possible that your leads are wasting.

So if you want to Generate Leads through Instagram Ads, then definitely put an action button, here is how: Open Instagram Page > Edit Profile > Click on Contact Options > Add an Action Button > Choose Preferred Action.

3) Add Website URL in Bio

Many people add website URL while posting on Instagram, but the link on Instagram post is not clickable. For this, you have to go to Instagram Bio and add the website URL, so that the customer can go to the URL directly and collect the information. Where you can put any type of URL like: Product Link, Landing Page URL, Feedback Link, Subscriber Link, Youtube Link, Lead Form etc..

How to Add Bio Link As A Call-To-Action

Open Instagram Page > Edit Profile > Website > Add URL.

Keep in mind that the link should not be spammy., otherwise instagram will block the link and How to Optimize The Bio Link.

How to Add Bio Link As A Call-To-Action | Get Leads from Instagram Ads
How to Add Bio Link As A Call-To-Action | Get Leads from Instagram Ads

4) Add Swipe Up Feature on Instagram Stories

Nowadays, whether it is a business page or a normal profile, everyone does add daily Instagram stories, whereas the story is seen by more audience than the post. Keep in mind that the story template looks classic and attractive, in which you can attach the brand's logo design. Also adding website URL to the swipe up button means to get easy access to your customer. Where thousands of people see your story, and If you have more than 10000 followers on Instagram then you can generate leads with the help of swipe up feature. Where you can add links to landing page, product page, lead form and feedback form, so that your audience can easily reach the target page. In this way anyone can Generate Leads with Instagram Stories.

How to Add Website URL In Instagram Swipe Up Stories

Open Instagram Page > Feed Page > Top Left Camera Button > Upload Post > Click the Chain Icon > + Web Link > Enter Link > Save.

5 ) Create Attractive Content Showcase

In order to increase business on Instagram, it is also important that how is the content on your page, does it tempt to your customers? For this, first you have to create attractive posts, which will clearly indicate to your customers what you want to see and the description given in those posts should also be engaged so that customers read them and direct access to your bio link on your profile. You must have seen, often many Instagram users upload posts with different creativity in their posts, just the post should be meaningful. Customers can also be converted into sales with this creative manner.

Here are some best creative post tips :

Create Attractive Content Showcase Instagram | Lead Generation with Instagram Content
Create Attractive Content Showcase Instagram | Lead Generation with Instagram Content

Apart from this, you can also Generate Leads through native ads on Instagram. In which you can drive traffic with the help of Google Ads and Blog Native ads on Instagram page, where traffic can be easily converted into sales. And this is the easiest and budget friendly way to generate leads on Instagram. If you also want to get leads for your business through Instagram ads, then you must read the above 5 tips.

How to do Lead Generation with Instagram Content Marketing Technique? Instagram SEO Guide For Lead Generation

As you would know that SEO, which is known as search engine optimization, and its job is to increase the audience in a natural way. In which SEO is done on Instagram page with the help of keywords, content and backlinks, Where not only your instagram page is visible on the search engine but it is also an effective way to get customer leads. If you are a little technical and have knowledge of keywords, then Google Ads is the best way to get leads from Instagram. Apart from this, if you can divert traffic to Instagram through native ads on a blog. In this way you can easily generate leads on Instagram.


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