Link Building
Article updated on 12 Dec 2017

What is Link Building?

Link building is another way to get traffic from search engines. If i define link building in simple words " link building is the process of generate quality and relevant internal links to your site," and that process will help you get higher traffic result from search engines.

Before April 2014 there were different techniques to get automated links to your siteYou had done through automated article directories and web 2.0 but that has been shut down and Google introduced the "Google Penguin Algorithm", after that everything is changed about link building. Now establish a quality links is the good skills.

Link building is not all about to quantity of links that how many links you established but it depend on high quality and relevant links which you made it to your site. According to my experience, link building is not an easy method also there is no shortcut to get high quality links. You will have to work harder and keep patience; internally link building takes time to build quality links. Once your site link is available on high quality websites, then your website will get indexed within 24Hrs and that would be profitable for your site as well as your website traffic.

How to generate links?

Few simple steps to generate high quality internal links to your site just follow the steps:

1) Submit your site links to popular search engines manually.​

2) Find similar business sites and contact them to get exchange the links, it impact on site traffic and good way to get backlinks.

3) Write high quality and original content to your website so anyone would come to your site and stay there for a long time.

4) Use open directories sites to submit your link; it will help you generate traffic from other sources.

5) Use high authority forum sites to generate internal link to your site like warrior forum, Microsoft forum. Once your links get listed on these popular forums, this impact on your site to get more traffic.

6) Write good articles in blog posting sites and make sure your site link appear on the articles so visitor can convert into your site.

7) Use social bookmarking sites to submit your site links, as per the webmaster it’s a quick way to get quality links but use high authority bookmarking sites only.

8) Use Dofollow blog commenting sites to establish high quality link to your site.

Benefit of Link Building

1) Get more visitors from other website that you linked.

2) Link building is also part of SEO.

3) Receiving organic visitors from search engines.

4) Link building help to get listed on Google indexing.

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what is link building, How to Generate Link Building, Link building
what is link building, How to Generate Link Building, Link building

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