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9 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate - Improve Online Business Conversion Rate By 50%

Would you like to increase the online conversion rate at every stage of your sales funnel? Throughout this article, we will cover the different stages of a proven sales strategy and offer 9 effective tips for increasing your conversion rates.

What is the Conversion Rate

A conversion rate in digital marketing is the proportion of visitors who take a specific action such as buying your product or signing up for your service. We need to be clear on what a sales process is and what you'll need to optimize in the different sales pipeline stages before we dive into the tips for increasing conversion rate. Although it's highly unlikely, the goal is to achieve a 100% conversion rate. According to industry statistics, the average conversion rate is less than 2.50%.

How to Increase Online Conversion Rate

For how to improve the online conversion rate and how to get more and more leads, often searching online does not find the right option. But today you are at the right place, and then you are reading this tutorial. You need a professional website with a good understanding of online conversion rates if you want your business to thrive in the modern market. In addition to representing your brand, your site provides a foundation for digital marketing initiatives.

It's great to have a steady flow of visitors to your site, but if they don't take the desired action, then something isn't working. An estimate of the conversion rate of a website can be determined from the number of visitors who complete the preferred action. For example: Complete a purchase, download an ebook or app, register for a membership, subscribe to an email newsletter, sign up for a trial, or schedule a demo.

9 Effective Ways to Increase Your Online Conversion Rate:

1. Social Media & Micro-Blogging

Social media has its own positive side, which is being used a lot to increase the online conversion rate. The influence of social media in the form of reviews, advice, and referrals is increasing every day, and its usefulness is increasing the online conversion rate. They want answers to their questions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Pinterest and YouTube are also used for tutorials and how-tos. Instagram users want to see a glimpse of how your business operates behind the scenes. Social proof increases conversions and builds trust.

Ensure your presence on the social networking sites that are most appropriate for your business by developing an active presence. SEO rankings can also be indirectly affected by social media. The importance of social media is increasingly apparent in today's era as online conversion rates are on the rise.

2. Content Blogging

The era is of the Internet, and blogging has become the most important part of it. When blogging and content are combined, they can sell products and services. At the time of digital, Blogging is not only about writing, but by publishing content, writing a review about any product or service can affect its conversion rate.

If your site will be found in search engines more easily if you publish blog articles on it. By doing this, when your prospective customers search for solutions, they will be able to find your website rather than your competitors'.

3. Pay Per Click Strategy

You can pay websites for sharing your advertisement through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. A click on your ad or the number of impressions of your ad determines your payment. PPC campaigns should drive traffic to landing pages where you can capture prospects' email addresses, contact details, etc...

With page-level targeting, you can easily increase the conversion rate with options that appear only to PPC visitors. PPC campaigns can be made more effective when you use these targeted options.

4. Landing Pages

A landing page on your website is a page with content that addresses a specific topic. A single call to action should be included. This form has only one purpose: capturing contact details about prospects or closing sales. Landing pages have long been proven to help boost conversion rates, whether it's Google Ad or social media campaigns. You'll see a higher conversion rate when you send traffic to a landing page.

5. Calls to Action

Depending on the action you want your customers to take, repeat your call to action several times on the page. A call-to-action is the only way to drive traffic to any landing page site and social media campaign.

Offering many calls-to-action with content upgrades allows you to avoid displaying many opt-in forms on your website. Introducing content upgrades allows you to provide exclusive bonus content to your subscribers who join your email list. Having a call to action in the right place makes the amount of online conversion rate 5 times higher.

6. Public Relations Campaigns

When trying to attract customers, don't overlook "old-fashioned" public relations. Publications, television commercials, live events, direct mail, and advertising are still extremely effective in raising conversion rates. Text marketing is a particularly powerful combination.

However, with the changing technology, now the demand for public relations has increased and the conversion rate generated by it is also becoming more impressive. Using SMS marketing is a fast and effective way to increase the online conversion rate.

7. Generate Forms

Subscribers can be added to your list by using contact forms or comment forms, which are still effective strategies to increase conversion rates. You should offer your visitors the option to subscribe to your email newsletter when they fill out your form or on your confirmation page. You can easily increase the conversion rate by giving a form between any article, and a pop-up contact form for visitors to the site.

8. Email Marketing

Your prospect can build trust by educating them about your business through email. Send subscribers an automated mail that addresses the most commonly asked questions about your product or service. If you are considering email marketing, this is an ideal way to get started and increase the Conversion Rate.

Email marketing may be a traditional sales funnel, but it still holds its value and the number of leads that customers get with the help of email every day.

9. Offer & Referrals

Often the customer waits for the offer and referral gift, and this is the reason why most online websites do it first by presenting the offer on the first page. Promote your discount program to prospects who become customers and have your existing customers tell anyone they know who might be interested in your product.

With the help of a referral program, your business gets word-of-mouth marketing at no cost, and at the same time, you get trustworthy clients. In present times, introducing offers increases client conversion rates right away.


As you have just read about how to increase the conversion rate and must have understood which strategy is right for your online business. Apart from these, there are many ways by which online conversion rates can be increased, but initially, these 9 tips are the most effective. If you are from the marketing field and want to increase the conversion rate of your website and online business, then follow these 9 ways.


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