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How To Create an impressive LinkedIn Personal Brand | LinkedIn Profile as Personal Brand Website

How To Create An impressive LinkedIn Personal Branding Website

Who does not know LinkedIn and knows all about its merits very well. LinkedIn reports that its platform is used by 800 million people across 200 countries. Have you heard that you can convert your normal LinkedIn profile into a personal branding website?

As you must be aware, according to the results on the search engine, LinkedIn opens from the first to the third page in some way or the other with your name, brand, and business. With this, you must have understood that LinkedIn is no less than a personal branding website, and its importance is not hidden from anyone. In this article, 7 easy tips are given for how to create an impressive LinkedIn personal brand, which will turn your LinkedIn profile into a personal branding website.

7 Tips for Using Your LinkedIn Profile as Your Personal Branding Website

LinkedIn may already be part of your online resume, but still being used for nothing more than a placeholder. It might also lack a profile picture, headline statement, or updated work history. If you don't update your content and take advantage of all the features provided by the platform, a simple link can diminish your brand. Your LinkedIn profile can serve as your personal branding website if you follow these 7 tips.

The fact is that your name and expertise are already appearing in LinkedIn searches every day, even without you knowing it. Individuals and companies are searching for people with their education, skills, and knowledge. LinkedIn is an ideal platform for promoting your professional and personal brands since it is a platform for professionals.

Here are the 7 ways that will help you use your LinkedIn profile page as an extension of your own personal brand website:

1. Update your stuff

The first and most important step is to identify the problem. Your page's content needs to be updated to reflect your brand's values today.

You should update your profile photo to look like the person you are today. Consider a professional headshot using your brand colors or clean background. Include a photo as the background. If you have a website, you might include a list of your services or a call to action. Your headline statement needs to be updated. Tell people not only what you do, but also how you do it and for whom you do it.

Enable the creator mode and include topics in which you are an expert. This is the first solution that is effective if you are trying to convert your LinkedIn profile into a personal brand website.

2. Add a welcome video or voice recording introduction

There is now an option to include a video in your profile picture, along with the option to record an audio greeting, that will be displayed on your profile page. A virtual introduction allows people to get a sense of your personality and what to expect from your page. This makes your LinkedIn profile more professional than usual, which is important from the point of view of branding.

3. Utilize featured posts

The role of featured posts in taking LinkedIn profiles to personal branding websites is considered to be even more important. You can make your content "featured" on LinkedIn once you start sharing content, which enables selected posts to appear on your profile page. If someone finds your page for the first time, you should post content that contains valuable information or demonstrates your thought leadership. Through this, the user can easily see a glimpse of your work by navigating.

4. Show your value in the "about" section

The "About section" in a simple LinkedIn profile helps him build a personal brand, which is the essence of the page as a whole. This section shouldn't be limited to listing your experience and credentials. It enables potential viewers to learn more about who you are through your 'about' section. Let your audience know how you add value to them and how you can help them. Also, I recommend adding direct contact information and links to your website in this section. Search engines also show valuable information coming in the 'About section' of LinkedIn in the top results, so you can understand its value.

5. Maximize your experience

Your LinkedIn experience can be enhanced by adding supporting media files. The proof can take the form of video, images, podcasts, certifications, case studies, presentations, whatever it takes to demonstrate your abilities.

6. Create a newsletter

LinkedIn recently introduced a feature that allows you to create your own subscription-based newsletters. Subscribers and followers can look forward to receiving a newsletter every week or month focusing on your area of expertise. Furthermore, this will allow you to become a thought leader and be discovered by other members.

7. Ask for recommendations

There are many ways to ask for recommendations on LinkedIn from users who have worked with you in the past. Make contact with former clients who were happy with your service and ask for recommendations. After all, this is a community, so you should also make suggestions.

As you read here about 7 Tips for Using Your LinkedIn Profile as Your Personal Branding Website. The following 7 steps will give you more confidence about your brand online, which will help you leverage it on LinkedIn. Essentially, you'll know that an online search now offers accurate and updated information about your company and brand, which will lead to you attracting the right companies, brands, and customers.


How to build a personal brand on a LinkedIn profile?

Often you can see the page of LinkedIn between 1 to 2 pages in Google search results, from this it can be inferred that its SEO authority is very high. You can build a personal brand on a LinkedIn profile by using appropriate content, savvy engagement, and cutting-edge automation. Like we have shared 7 tips in this article by which you can make a LinkedIn profile as your personal branding website. If you do not want to create your own website, then through this article you can create an impressive LinkedIn personal brand.


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