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Social media influencers guidelines for celebrities, influencers, and digital influencers

Guidelines for Social media influencers released

The Consumer Affairs Ministry has issued a more summarised set of guidelines for celebrities, influencers, and digital influencers on social media platforms after releasing comprehensive guidelines for social media influencers in January 2023. In order to avoid misleading audiences, people endorsing goods and services must comply with this procedure.

According to the government, there is a misunderstanding over which disclosure word to use for different types of partnerships.

Use simple language for Endorsements

How Word Endorsements Work! specify that words like "advertisement," "sponsored," "partnership," or "paid promotion" may be used and that endorsements must be presented in plain, basic language. No one should ever recommend a good or service they haven't tried themselves, experienced firsthand, or for which they haven't done their due research.

Hence, any of the following disclosures — "advertisement," "ad," "sponsored," "collaboration," or "partnership" — may be used for paid or barter brand promotion. The phrase must be specified as a hashtag or headline text, though.

Influencer marketing industry till 2025

A report from, an influencer marketing platform, estimates the influencer marketing industry's value will reach Rs 2,200 crore by 2025 from Rs 900 crore in 2021, at a compound annual growth rate of 25 percent.


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