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The Difference Between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO
Article updated on 21 April 2021

What is On Page and Off page SEO?

SEO is marketing technology that is important for your business to be found online and may help attract more visitors to your website. In many situations your organic traffic means all the audiences that comes from search engines and that is not advertised, will be biggest source of visitors. Actually we know the SEO depth, and this is not easy topic to complete in short time. Actually two types of category works behind SEO technology, one of is On-page seo that works for website title, meta tags, keywords and internal links and second is Off-page seo that works for generate backlinks, guest posting, Social media shares & article. Both of the method is worth to get more organic traffic from search engines. India's top digital marketing agencies do SEO marketing to increase corporate and company sales and to get maximum traffic.  How can you increase the SEO Business Opportunity, for this you must first understand how the SEO works. Let's Read About The Difference Between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

The Difference Between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

What is On Page SEO?

In simple words, On page SEO is the primary seo technology that optimize website internally. On page SEO optimize website internal elements such as:

Page Title: Page title is very important part of website, each page should have a unique page title that target page keywords also.

Meta Descriptions: Meta Descriptions is the second important elements for each page of website, each page should have a limited word of descriptions that relevant to page keywords and contents.


Keyword Density: Keyword Density is important for search engine, adding relevant keywords to your each page and that help you to found online by keywords. Recommended keyword density is 3% so do not add more than 7 keywords on each page.


Body Tags: Body Tags are very sensitive things for the website, while writing articles; break up content into smaller sections or paragraphs. Its look like H1, H2, H3 Tags that help you to get more audiences.


Internal links: Previously I have been talked about internal on page seo. It means while writing articles or contents on page if you add links to other website pages, it also help you to get better ranking.

What is Off page SEO?

As you understood that off page seo is another seo technology to get organic traffic. According to webmaster and SEO expert Off page SEO is to create a backlinks for website but now seo technics has been upgraded and Off page seo means to work on external elements on website such as backlinks, social activities and blog posting. If you are looking for a SEO agency for your website, then here are the Top SEO Agency in India through which you too can get organic traffic.

Off page SEO method:


  • Social BookmarkingHere is the list of social bookmarking sites with do follow backlinks. Social bookmarking is one of the finest and easiest ways of gaining backlinks from high pr sites.



  • Search Engine Submission - This is exclusively free service for all internet users who want to submit own website, blogs, portals, and forums. We highly recommend manually submitting your website pages or blogs to the search engines. Submit Website Here



  • Directory Submission - Free Directory submission allows you to submit your website URL up to 200+ directories, Submit your site to a huge network of directory. Over thousand people worldwide have used the snk free directory submission.



  • Article Submission - Article submission sites are nothing but the directories which allow you to submit unique and insightful articles to the directory.



  • Guest Posting - Guest Posting sites are another way to get traffic which allow you to submit unique and exotic articles to the other website.



  • Blog Commenting - Blog Commenting is the easy method to get high quality confirmed backlinks for your website. Here is the 130+ Free High PR Do follow Blog Commenting Sites List. Blog commenting is widely used by the webmasters to increase search engine rankings.

  • Classified Ads Posting - Classified Ad posting is the part of off page SEO. These are mainly used for promoting your website as well as to get a backlinks from other website.

If you are searching for the Top Digital Marketing Agency in India, then SNK Creation is one of the renowned and award winning company of India. Where you can get free tech support and advice from India's top professional experts, and our best award winning services like: Social Media Management Packages, SEO Services, Instagram Marketing Services, Press Media Article. For more information, you can visit our blog and see all the articles, you will get some benefit.
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On-Page vs Off-Page SEO | The Complete Guide to On-Page and Off-Page SEO
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