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Google pointed out that SEO Rankings are affected by Changes to WordPress Themes

Can SEO Ranking be affected only by changing the Theme of WordPress, know more

Looking at the title of the article, you must have understood what this post is about, and do you also think this? WordPress is like a boon for people associated with online, and every day millions of people make their site/blog on WordPress and turn towards online. The theme on WordPress means that you can create a blog and stylish website without coding and technical programming. Often we are excited about the theme of WordPress, and if we do not like it, we can change these premium WordPress themes. And those who take forward the process of SEO on WordPress site, choose such a theme from the beginning which can give them all the facilities to do better SEO ranking. There is news for them, which may have worked for WordPress users, let us know what is the change.

Often new changes and ideas regarding the ranking of WordPress sites have been shared by the SEO experts of the industry, and all of them are also useful. In such a situation, due to the constant change, news related to WordPress is often heard from industry experts. If you want to get ranking by SEO on a site made of WordPress, then this article is for you, in which ranking is affected by changes in WordPress theme.

How SEO Rankings are Affected by Changes to WordPress Themes

Google's John Mueller has confirmed this in his #AskGooglebot video answer that A change in the WordPress theme can affect the ranking of the site in Google search. John Mueller has also said that the ranking depends on what you are changing in the theme, but changing the theme will see a change in the ranking position in Google search, it is confirmed.

John Mueller had earlier said on this topic that, changing the WordPress theme does not mean only changing the color and text. Changes in the ranking can also be seen due to changes in its content, some of which are as follows:

  • A website's page load time and speed also point to the ranking, and it determines your website's ranking.

  • What kind of structure is made in the website which is showing your content, heading, and image, is also important.

  • An internal link has always been necessary to fast index the website pages, and this site navigation can also affect the ranking of the site.

  • Plugins have an important role in WordPress themes, many plugins help you to understand and grow SEO; do not use more than one SEO plugin, it can also affect the ranking.

Often new users, while buying a WordPress theme, do not pay attention to whether it is SEO-friendly, and has all the important features associated with it. Which is fully capable of SEO on WordPress's site. John Mueller also told this thing, A good WordPress theme makes your website easy to understand for Google search engines and other search engines which is good for SEO ranking. Watch the video for some tips on how to determine whether changing a theme has an impact on your rankings.

An effective WordPress theme can significantly affect your search engine rankings. It can affect your website's performance, content, speed, headings, and indexation, which are all important factors for SEO. Changing themes is more than capable of improving your SEO ranking if done correctly.


If you are a WordPress user and are worried about the ranking of your site, then definitely read this article once. How changing the theme of WordPress can make a difference in your ranking, watch this video and share your opinion on our Twitter handle.


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