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3 Things Zero Trust Security Can Do for Your Business

3 Reasons Why Enterprises Need Zero Trust Security

Certain IT concepts seem to appear in the business world virtually overnight. First, one company implements them, and then hundreds of others follow suit. A good example of this is the zero-trust security model.

The zero-trust model means that your company establishes very strict identity verification. It applies to every person and device that’s on your network. Some in the IT world also call it perimeters security. You’re applying these rules or conventions to individuals both in a centralized location and those who are doing remote work for you.

Your business can thrive by implementing a zero-trust model. We will talk about 3 of those right now.

1) It Will Allows You to Have Fewer Data Breaches

Simplifying zero trust security isn’t all that complicated. You might start with a fairly complex design as you’re switching over to this model, but your IT team should be able to streamline it within the first few months that you have it.

That’s good news if you want to stay away from potentially costly data breaches. Data breaches happen more than ever in 2022, and that’s because hackers want to get their hands on your data.

They can make that data public, which they know will cripple your business since new customers won’t want to have anything to do with you. They might also hold that data for ransom, and you might feel like you have to pay it.

Data breaches will hurt your workers as much as your current customers. You have your workers’ social security numbers, full names, addresses, and much more. You even have their bank account routing numbers if you use direct deposit to pay them.

The zero-trust model is not impenetrable, but it does make hacker attacks much less likely to succeed. If you insulate yourself from data breaches, you should feel confident that your workers and clients can trust you.

2) Zero-Trust Can Save You Money

You can also save money with the zero-trust model once it’s up and running. You will not have to pay any ransoms to get back data that hackers stole. It will also save you money in IT costs as time passes.

Data breaches can cost you millions of dollars, but zero-trust also means your workers can keep following the same login protocols again and again if they want to use your computer network. You will not have to keep adjusting and changing your login routines every few months.

Your workers should appreciate this consistency. They will know what to expect each time they log in and start their daily routines.

You won’t have to keep paying your IT team or outside contractors to switch up your security measures because you’re worried that what you have in place is not sufficient. Your savings can be invested in other parts of your business, such as R&D and marketing.

3) It Supports Remote Work

The zero-trust model also promotes remote work. More employees than ever work remotely, and many companies started implementing this system even before the pandemic arrived. A hybrid model is also used by some companies, where some employees work from home, while others stay in the office.

With zero trust in place, your remote workers can feel as safe about sending messages and confidential information via your network like the ones in the office can. You will know that when they log in, it’s not some hacker impersonating a trusted worker.

If your company can have more remote workers, that makes your business more attractive to individuals looking for a job. Your company will have a positive reputation within your niche. You will be able to hire the best talent.

Zero-trust is not all that difficult to set up, though the initial expenditure might make some companies shy away from it. You should not let the cost keep you from going in this direction, though.

You can talk to your IT department about zero-trust, or you can go with an outside contractor to install it if you don’t have a full-time IT team. Either way can work well for you.

Talk to them about what kind of business model you have, and they will set up a bespoke system that should fit your needs perfectly. Remember that not all zero-trust models will look exactly the same, though they all have the same purpose. That is to install a trustworthy system that always authenticates the devices and individuals using it.


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