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Why is Video Content Important in Digital Marketing

Go through video marketing statistics, and you will find that people spend around 1 billion hours watching YouTube videos every day. Incredible metrics, isn’t it? Nevertheless, this does not come as a surprise, though, since videos have dominated the digital marketing arena for some time now.

It is also forecasted that videos will continue growing, which is why video marketing should be one of the most significant parts of the digital marketing strategies of organizations.

Again, statistics are in place to prove the significance of videos in the digital marketing space. Video helps their customers better understand their products, according to 97% of marketers.

81% of businesses are using videos as part of their digital marketing campaigns at present. Live videos bring in 13% of the total traffic on a site, while 90% of the consumers claim that videos helped them make informed buying decisions.

The statistics above are more than enough to prove the effectiveness of videos when used in digital marketing strategies.

Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Plan Requires Videos

No doubt, video is one of the most powerful tools for any digital marketing campaign. Videos are consumed more often than any other form of content, and this trend doesn't appear to slow down any time soon.

Approximately 1/3rd of all online activities are spent watching videos. The conversion from textual matter to visual presentation has been very fast. Well, the businesses that cannot make up for this transition are likely to be left behind. And yes, they will also have underperforming products and services.

Now, coming to the reason why businesses should include videos in their digital marketing campaigns, here they are:

Videos are the Way People are Taking Content

It is a fact that people are quite busy these days. They do not have a lot of time to go through long and informative articles and blogs. Not to mention their short attention spans. In this scenario, it works to use videos for putting your business message across because, in this way, the viewers consume more content at a very fast pace.

There are higher chances of the viewers engaging with visual presentations than with text. Hence, it always works to create more interactive videos. And yes, do not consider videos to be a passing trend. They are here to stay!

If a simple text does not excite you, then go through these numbers below:

  • Over 1 billion exclusive users are on YouTube every month.

  • On YouTube, nearly 500 million hours of videos are watched every day.

  • Around 45% of individuals watch more than an hour of YouTube and Facebook videos every week.

The statistics above do prove the point!

Videos are Effective in Creating a Great Website Browsing Experience

Gone are the days when business websites were just static brochure sources. The businesses of these present times are using their respective websites to create compelling experiences for their visitors.

Even marketing professionals are bent on creating websites that help them connect with their visitors better to a long-term relationship. And there can be nothing better than incorporating videos on business websites.

Website videos help build connections with the visitors, which in turn increases loyal customers of the business in the near future. Today, more and more brands use videos to demonstrate their products, share their expertise, and narrate their stories.

Videos Benefit the Inbound Marketing Strategy of Businesses

As has already been said, the 2nd largest search engine is YouTube, now under Google, which is the largest of all. The keywords targeted for a website can be a good scope for videos. One of the most important things that marketers need to understand is that Google ranks those websites highly that contains a visual representation of the message they are looking to convey.

Yet another reason why videos are perfect for search engine optimization is that they keep the visitors stuck to a site for a very long time. You may already be aware that Google thinks your page is more significant the longer someone stays on it.

  • Online Sales

Businesses that are into selling products on the web cannot afford to miss out on videos. ECommerce sites need to use videos to convert their visitors into loyal customers when they enter their purchasing funnel.

Recent video marketing statistics have stated that 72% of the consumers would like to learn about a certain product or a service through a good quality video.

  • Distribution: Email and Social Media

Videos are sharable content, which means they can be shared on the different distribution networks quite easily. Creating original visual content will maximize your emails and social media because you will be driving individuals to your content and even to your website instead of driving them away from the site.

Types of Videos Businesses Can Use in Their Digital Marketing Campaign

1. Facebook or Instagram Lives

Facebook and Instagram live videos are one of the best ways of interacting with the audience. Videos such as these are excellent for addressing questions of prospective customers. Businesses can also use such videos for taking feedback in real-time.

Live videos are effective mediums of revealing new launches and detailing them elaborately. They are also an easy and quick way of connecting with demographics.

2. Posts and Stories

Video stories are good at attracting consumers to a business’s social media page. These can be 1 to 120 seconds in length and are meant to be informative, fun, and crisp.


Creating video content and using it in your digital marketing plan will definitely increase your brand’s chances of attracting audiences. It is one of the most remarkable ways of bringing in traffic for your products and services while developing a stable and long-lasting client base at the same time.


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