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Top 7 Free OCR Tools for Image to Text Conversion

Top 7 Free OCR Tools for Image to Text Conversion

Have you ever considered the amount of time that you waste in rewriting a document that is in PDF format or in the extraction of text from an image to a word document! Now if you are doing it manually or are hiring a person to do, then you should know that you are baring a huge and a very stupid cost on your company's accounts plus you are also wasting time and the workplace productivity! Now, most of you must be thinking about how you can extract text if not manually and if not compromising expenses on this conversion!

Top 7 Free OCR Tools for Image to Text Conversion
Top 7 Free OCR Tools for Image to Text Conversion

Now in this article today we are going to tell you all about the best tools that you will find on the internet that will help you out in the simple yet effective conversion of text from images and PDF docs! Now using these tools will not only help you save yourself time but as these tools are free so you won't have to bear any expense of this image to text conversion! Read this three minute-article till the end so that you can know all about these tools and can use the best that suits you!

The Image to Text Converter by Searchenginereports.Net

Now, this is one of the simplest and best tools that you will find on the internet for the simple conversion of text from an image, but here we will like you guys to know that to convert images to text with this tool you have to make sure that the images are clear and are readable! So the use of this image to text converter tool by SER is very easy and if you haven't used this kind of tool ever in your life then don't worry as you will use it like a pro even if it's your first time!

You just have to open up the tool, click on the upload bar and upload images from your local storage and simply press the convert button! Now when you do so, the tool uses advanced algorithms and advanced OCR online software to convert your text from the image. The conversion is done in less than a few seconds and not only that, but you can also download the word format file with the help of this tool! Another amazing feature of the tool is that it can also convert an image online into the text if you simply add the URL of that image!

Other Tools in The OCR League!

Here are the list and the major details about the other important and famous tools that are used for an image to text conversion!

1. First of all, you should know about the special tool by Microsoft which is better known as the ONE NOTE, now you should know that basically, this tool works as a note keeper tool but you should know that it also works as an OCR tool which can help you in simple conversion of text from the image files and PDF formats!

2. Simple OCR is yet another tool in our recommendation list, which we will like you guys to use if you are looking for a tool with no restrictions! You guys should know that this tool can not only convert text but can also fix it for mistakes! This is a paid tool, but you can use it for free for 14 days!

3. Microsoft's office document imaging tool is the third tool in our list that you can use to image any content on an image directly to the word or written format! The working of this tool is also very easy, and you just have to add the image in the tool and hit the recognize text button! Once the text is extracted, you can simply click on the send to WORD button!

4. The image to text converter by the BOXOFT is also one of the most important tools in our list today because it can simply help you in extracting images and the text form an image! This is a tool that can not only extract images but can also help you out in the scanning of documents for the input!

5. The Free OCR to word tool as the name tells you is also one of the best tools for the conversion of optical characters to the word format! Now, this is a tool which will promise you more than 95% of accuracy in the conversion of text and it can also transfer the text directly to the MS word file!

6. The VUE scan tool is also another tool that is famous and has a good reputation in this league of tools! This is a tool which supports multiple languages, and if your image has a different language, then don't worry, it can convert it and can also translate it in your desired language!


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