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Singer Shweta Shetty - The 90s Pop Star of India Who Comeback With Her Throbbing Music In 2021

Shweta Shetty - Female Pop Singer Star of The 90s Who Scaled The Heights of Success With Her Voice on India's Bollywood Stage

There is no need to tell anyone how we are all related to Bollywood, since childhood till now we have all sung Bollywood songs. Be it a party, a wedding, or an occasion to celebrate, Bollywood singers have made their mark everywhere. The songs of the 90s were different, where many new artists won the hearts of everyone with their music and became fans of everyone in a very short time. One such artist - Shweta Shetty, who had fascinated everyone with her throbbing songs at the time of the 90s, constantly made her place in the Bollywood industry with new songs. Shweta Shetty started climbing the ladder of success in a short time, and her super-hit songs won the hearts of the Indian public. In Bollywood, everyone knows her as a legendary pop singer star for her voice. Shweta Shetty worked as a playback singer in many songs and the public appreciated her work very much. Today she does not need any identity, everyone considers her to be the popular pop singer icon of the 90s, Even today, all types of generations are fans of her songs. Shweta Shetty made her debut in 1993, with Biddu’s JJ and emerged as one of the best performers in the country.

Shweta Shetty's Music Journey And Career Inspired Millions of Fans To Consider Her A Role-Model

Shweta Shetty was born on 20 June 1969 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and in her early teens, she sang for jingles, fashion shows, musicals and that was her training ground for bigger things to come, which she did not plan at all. She slowly gained a foothold in Bollywood with her singing talent in her early days, Because of which today everyone considers Shweta Shetty as an inspiration in their lives. With her hard work, she turned her luck towards success and kept on moving forward. Today Shweta Shetty's songs of her 90s make her even more famous, some of which are still everyone's favorite, such as Mangta Hai Kya (Rangeela, 1995), Poster Lagwa Do (Aflatoon, 1997), Kaale Kaale Baal (Ziddi, 1997), Deewane To Deewane Hain (1998), Pichhu Pade (Salaakhen, 1998), Main Deewani (Bandhan, 1998). In 2000, the song "Dil Tote Tote Ho Gaya" from the movie "Bichhoo" became very popular in Bollywood and Shweta Shetty gained a lot of fame. This song had created a new record in Bollywood at that time, due to which Shweta Shetty's popularity went on increasing even more.

In the 1998 Screen Awards, she was awarded Best Female Pop Artist for her work in "Deewane To Deewane Hain". In 2003 she released Saajna with Universal Music. While living in Hamburg - Germany, she met up with Frank Peterson and Sarah Brightman. She sang on the album Harem and wrote lyrics for the song, Arabian Nights. Soon after that, she toured for 1 year with Sarah Brightman and performed 120 shows around 5 continents and was warmly received all over with her powerful voice. Around the same time, she sang a classical based song, called "Vata" with "Jam and Spoon" in 2004. Being an independent singer, she has always been a source of inspiration for others, giving millions of youth a lot to learn from her.

Let's Know How Singer Shweta Shetty Made A Comeback After 20 Years in 2021

She is different in her style and her voice, that is why Shweta, who is called a Pop Singer in Bollywood, has given countless hits continuously. Shweta Shetty shifted base and moved to Hamburg, Germany for good in 1997 after marriage. After her divorce, she stayed back in Hamburg to pursue her love for yoga and meditation. Took a long sabbatical from her music journey and during the pandemic in 2020, as "Deewane To Deewane Hain" started trending all over India again, she released a track for fun called, Daro Na, which was shot and recorded on her iPhone during the complete lockdown, just to test the ground, to once again launch independent music in the country. In 2021 was the official comeback with her single, JMHM featuring Addy S which was highly welcomed with open arms by everyone. There were many obstacles in Shweta Shetty's journey to becoming a singer, but her desire to do something got her the title of a successful female pop singer. Even though she was away from music for 20 years, the music never got away from her, Even today, the songs of her 90s are often seen in Bollywood films again with the new version.

Playback Singer Shweta Shetty Started With A Bang With Her Disco Queen Performance in 2021

Shweta Shetty learned a lot in this caravan of a disturbed life and admitted that it was a terrible decision to be away from music. But millions are crazy about her powerful style of singing and the different genres of music, which she dives into effortlessly. The pandemic didn’t stop Shweta’s creativity. She released "Jalne Mein Hain Mazaa" on Sony Music in 2021 and inspired other performers too, to work on independent music. Her disco track JMHM and her new look were lapped up by one and all. Shweta Shetty proved once again, that she still has that magic. She is working on re-visiting the 90’s scene again with, Biddu’s Johnny Joker.

Even today, many people make reels and duets on Shweta Shetty's old songs on social media, this shows that she is still in people’s hearts. For more updates, you can follow us on Instagram & Facebook.


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