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Instagram Hashtags Limit 2024: Now You Can Only Add 5 Hashtags To a Post

Instagram Hashtags Limit 2024

In recent updates, Instagram has introduced restrictions on the number of hashtags users can include in their posts. Instagram now imposes a maximum limit of 5 hashtags per post, as reported by various sources. A notable example shared by Instagram expert Kishanu Karmakar reveals a pop-up notification that appears when users attempt to exceed this limit within the Instagram composer, preventing further hashtag additions in the post caption.

Now You Can Only Add 5 Instagram Hashtags To a Post
Now You Can Only Add 5 Instagram Hashtags To a Post

Meta Takes Aim at Spam with New Instagram Hashtags Limits

This move aligns with Instagram's strategy, which also imposes limitations on the number of tags allowed per post on Threads. Meta aims to curb spam by restricting tags to just one per post, reducing the potential for spammers to exploit trending topics. Spammers often add numerous popular tags to increase the visibility of their updates across various search streams.

This restriction on Instagram could be a proactive measure to combat spammers who frequently target popular tags. However, some users have already adopted the strategy of adding additional tags in the first comment, achieving increased reach in specific instances.

Regardless, businesses are advised to strategically select relevant and specific tags for each update. While the current limit of five hashtags may suffice for most users, a broader rollout of this restriction could impact posting strategies and tag usage.

The limitation on tag usage prompts speculation about the evolving value of hashtags. Instagram algorithms have become increasingly sophisticated in sorting content based on a broader array of identifiers. Instagram's ability to understand post content may diminish the necessity of manual tags, signaling a potential shift in the tagging process.

While the Instagram hashtag limit might be attributed to a bug, the widespread appearance of the option to many users suggests otherwise. Further information is eagerly anticipated to shed light on this Instagram update. Stay tuned for more details on how this change may impact your social media strategy.

How Many Hashtags Should I Use On Instagram Posts?

As of now, according to Instagram guidelines, you can use up to 30 hashtags in a single post. However, as of February 2024, Instagram is testing a new feature, and in the future, you may only be able to add 5 hashtags per post.


What is the Instagram hashtag limit for posts?


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