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How To Use Video Marketing For Your Business

Video is an essential part of the marketing campaign for any business. However, before you dive into it, you have to know what will be most effective for your target audience? Learn how to make video content that catches your audience's attention and keeps them interested.

Here are 8 ways on how you can use video marketing for your business.

1. Establish your video goals

Before you start making videos for your business, you need to outline your video goals. There are three stages to how a viewer watches your video and you need to decide which stage you want to focus on in your video.

  • Awareness: This is the stage where the issue or problems are defined and the viewer decides if they resonate with the issues. If they do, then this is the first step of considering your brand.

  • Consideration: The viewer is now thinking about how they can solve their problem. The viewer then proceeds to research for solutions, watch reviews, ask for recommendations and find solutions that are within their budget.

  • Decision: The viewer has found the solution and you are on their list of options. Pitch your brand and product and tell your customer or prospective customer why your brand provides better service among others in the market.

2. Tell a story

To get your audience interested and hooked on to your video, you need to make sure that your video is entertaining and for that, you need to have a plot. 55% of customers who love a brand's story are willing to invest in it, according to University of West Alabama researchers.

If you don't want your target audience to skip your video ad, then you need to make sure that your video has some value. A value that makes your audience want to watch it.

People are most likely to connect and relate to videos that tell a story. Your audience needs to resonate with your brand and your brand values in order to consider investing in it. Your videos can be sales-driven but that shouldn't be your only motive, or they will get ignored.

3. Capitalize on popular video platforms

Although video embedded banner ads are now gaining popularity, the smartest decision is to invest in platforms that are already based on the video: YouTube, Hotstar, Snapchat, Hulu, TikTok, and so on. Users are more likely to respond to your video content when they can seamlessly go from watching one video to another.

People on YouTube have already signed up for video content and it is now up to you to deliver them. Rather than waiting for your videos to be discovered organically, you can target YouTube's advertising platform.

4. Plan a realistic budget

If you do not have the proper budget, then let's be honest, you will not be able to create video content that gets you results for your business. Make sure that you plan your budget and include how much money and resources you need to curate video content perfect for your business. Consider using an online video editor at the beginning, as choosing a suitable video creation and editing platform becomes crucial at the initial stage while keeping a budget in mind.

Decide what you can save on and what you can splurge on. Always do your research before investing in resources, you can question industry experts on how much they charge for services like scripting, sound editing, cropping, etc., and compare it with how much will you have to pay a freelancer or a full-time employee for the same services.

5. Demonstrate don't peddle

Make videos that your audience can relate to. For example, if your video content is playing as an ad on YouTube, your video should naturally blend in with the YouTube video at hand to hold your viewer's attention. Try not to sell your brand or products explicitly, or your viewers might just ignore and skip your videos.

Consumers are very particular about who they give their time and attention to, and you would want to create videos that earn it.

6. Showcase your brand image

When making video content for your brand, try and incorporate brand logos, tagline, brand colors, to strengthen your brand image. Also, highlight your brand personality and values to win the trust of your customers.

7. Plan a video content schedule

If you want your videos to get noticed and achieve video marketing success, then you need to focus on consistency. Curate a schedule for posting your videos and be regular with it. Research when your target audience is the most active on platforms where you are posting your videos and create a video content schedule according to it. It is advised that you have a realistic target and are always ahead of your timeline by one or two videos, so even if you have urgent work or an emergency situation, you will not be depriving your followers of your video content. You can establish brand familiarity among your target audience by regularly posting your video content.

8. Optimize your videos

To ensure that your video content is visible on all your target platforms, you need to optimize your video for search engines to notice you. Use keyword tools to find keywords that are relevant to your video content and use them in your video title or video descriptions for maximum visibility.

Keep your video length between 3 to 5 minutes to achieve maximum views. If you want the search engine to recognize your video content and display it to people looking for similar content then you might want to opt for close captioning. Moreover, do not underestimate mobile viewership, a good fraction of viewers stream videos on their phones and hence it is a smart strategy to shoot videos in portrait mode.

Ensure that you include a CTA at the end of the video to direct your viewers on what to do next.

Bottom Line

Customers will only consider your brand when they understand how it will help them and resonate with your brand. Video content is an important tool for businesses to explain and interact with their customers. So what are you waiting for? Make video marketing a part of your marketing campaign right now!


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